Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dishes - I Heart Macro

It is another I Heart Macro Sunday at Studio Waterstone.  I thought I would use photos mom took a few weeks ago when she was cleaning the kitchen.  After mom cleaned the dishes, she uses them as decorations on top of the cabinets, she took photos of them.  Plus it is way too cold to be outside taking photos, I am a wimp and I admit it :-)



  1. Beautiful, creative macro shots, love them!
    Here it's to wet to go outside.
    Have a great day.

  2. Love the glassware..and the angles with which you shot the photos. The first picture reminds me of an old piece of Fenton glass that my mom had years ago...I think it was a vase. It brought me back to my home in Chicago years ago. Don't you love how a picture of one thing can stir a memory of something else?

  3. Wow - these are wild! I love them. The first one especially. Beautiful.

  4. These are really fun! I like how the curves are highlighted in the second one.


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